Delights Of The Costa Vicentina
Costa Vicentina - Aljezur Costa Vicentina - Aljezur Costa Vicentina - Aljezur
Costa Vicentina - Aljezur

The Costa Vicentina Natural Park offers to the attentive visitors unforgettable impressions. The craggy outline of lofty cliffs that plunge into the foaming seas. Long beaches with stretch to the inner land in wide landscapes of dunes or tiny sandy coves like shells tucked away between looming rocks. The majestic shapes of Cabo São Vincente and Ponta de Sagres jutting indomitably into the ocean. Amongst plenty of other things this offers the charm to a landscape vibrant with natural beauty and so little touched by passing centuries that it seems barely to have registered human's presence at all. More photos of the natural park you find in the gallery.

The Natural Park extends from Odeceixe to Burgau, a broad sweep that takes in approximately 80 km of coastline. It offers an opportunity to appreciate, hundreds of plants in there natural habitat. In an atmosphere full of sun and silence a true a paradise for botanist and fancier of plants!

The fauna is also very rich. In addition to foxes, wild boars, badgers, wild cats and rabbits, birds are the big attraction of the Costa Vicentina. In the creeks and wetland areas inhabit lot's species such as herons, storks, kingfishers and water hens. The crags of the coast are home to raven, rock doves, pigeons, gulls, magpies and many other seabirds. Birds of prey, such as eagles, falcons, sparrow hawks and owls share the sky with more than thirty other bird species, such as blackbirds, nightingales whose singing is to be heard throughout the region.

Contacts from the Natural Park of south west Alentejano and Costa Vicentina:
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